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A distinctive display of musical genius and top notch flute by Lead artist Milind Date! – Indo American News – Huston

Milind Date, India’s best known flute player enraptured the crowd with an out-of-this-world performance Herald – Panjim – Goa

Amith started the concert with Abhogi varna, then elaborated the Mohana Raga followed it with Bhavanutha, later he played the difficult Ranjani raga the krithi Durmaragachara was played with neraval and crisp swaras, which was ovenwhelmingly applauded by the audience, which shows there is no doubt that he is going to be the new star in the horizon. – Hosa Dhigantha

Master Amith caught the large crowd of over 20000 to surprise in Thiruvyyar by his masterly concert and was nicknamed PALAMANANDA BHAGAVATHAR. – Dinamalar

The hall was packed to capacity and the audience overflowed, signifying the great enthusiasm of the music love for this special program. The fírst concert was an inspiring one from the melodious flute of Master Amith A. Nadig, His rendering of the invocation piece in Hamsadhwani set the tone for the cxcellenl fare that was to follow. Compositions in Ananda Bhairavi & Poorvikalyani were delightful as also the crisp rendering of the difficult piece in Kathanakuthoohalam – Star of Koramangala