Indira Naik is known for her Sufi singing. Indira believes that Sufism for her is but the intention to go towards the truth by means of love and devotion. It’s her music which is her Tariqa’ –  the spiritual path to God”.

Indira has been classically trained in the Patiala Gayaki, and her music has always been a tribute to age old traditions set against the backdrop of modern times.  She continues her learning or riyaaz under her present guru Shri Mohinderjeet Singh.

Indira has not only built a sterling reputation for herself in India but has also achieved success abroad enthralling audiences with live renditions of Sufi, Ghazals, Bhajans, Thumris.

Indira has travelled extensively throughout the world, mainly USA, UK, Portugal, Canada, South Korea, Brunei etc.


A few highlights of Indira’s musical journey:

    • Indira recently performed at the Jeonju Sori Int Festival in South Korea

    • Indira has composed and sang Kabir Sahab’s poetry – ‘Mann Lago Mero Yaar Fakiri Mein’ for a Anurag Kashyap Film called ‘The Last Act’

    • Performed at Jahan E Khusrau, The World Sufi Festival in Delhi hosted by  Muzzafar Ali Sahab

    • Performed at The Taj Festival in Agra

    • Performed at the Indikaleido Fest in Mumbai

For the performances of Indira Naik please contract –

Sneha – +91 989 004 1175