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Flute Fantasy is a ‘Modern Classic’ flute performance.

Taking the inspiration from the great classical as well as folk music of India Flute Fantasy adds a very modern touch to it.

Milind performs his Modern Flute Concert as Flute Fantasy. Typically Milind has a couple of percussionists and a keyboardist performing along with him. This is one of the most popular performances by Milind. Flute Fantasy offers some of the most beautiful and enchanting music of India with a perfect blend of Western music to enhance the beauty of traditional Indian music.

This is an interactive set with the audience where at one point the audience becomes a part of the performance. This set is very high energy, upbeat Modern Classic performance by Milind. Flute Fantasy is a hot favourite of the organisers !

With this setup Milind has performed all over the country hundreds of times. Milind prefers to perform with this setup everywhere where there is young or senior crowd, festivals, private concerts, exclusive performances and so on. Milind has performed Flute Fantasy before the audience size ranging from 20-30 to 7000-8000! And everywhere people are left spellbound!

Flute Fantasy is usually performed as a trio or a group of four. The duration of this performance can be up to 45 minutes to 70 minutes. Addition of another percussionist or a melody player etc is possible. Some times Milind invites Kathak / Bharatnatyam or western dancers to perform along with him.

Flute Fantasy performing Bhatiyali in Goa.

Camel Walk