Ustaad Sayeed-ud-din Dagar

Ustaad Sayeed-ud-din Dagar is the living legend of the Dhrupad style of music. Known for his enchanting  voice culture, Ustaadji is the foremost performer of Dhrupad today.

The Illustrious Lineage

Ustaadji belongs to the 19th generation of the renowned Dagar family or Dagar Gharana. He is the youngest of the famous seven “Dagar Bandhus” and has dedicated his life to keep this ancient tradition alive.

Musical Journey

Born in Alwar, Rajasthan on 29th April, 1939, he started his musical journey at the tender age of six. His first guru was his father Ustad Hussainuddin Khan Dagar. After the death of his father in 1963, he trained with his uncle Late Padmabhushan Ustad Rahimuddin Khan Dagar. Later he studied under his brothers. In his humility, he yet considers himself a student of Dhrupad.

The Performer

Ustaadji has performed at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in India and abroad. These include the Tansen Samaroh, Savai Gandharva, Dhrupad Samaroh, Dhrupad Mela, Dagar Saptak , Dhamar Samaroh to name a few. Since 1999, He travels to Europe and has enthralled audiences with his performances.

His performance usually begins with a Ganesh Stuti and ends with Shiv Tandav. He also sings traditional Laxmi Stuti and such.

In many of his concerts a unique phenomenon is observed. When he is singing in the lower octave – the Kharaj Saptak; the window panes start vibrating!!! He never decides which raag he is going to sing before the concert, as he shall sing that raag which his 400 year old taanpuras will create in that atmosphere. ” My Taanpuras tell me which raag to sing” he says!


The Custodian

He is currently the President of Dhrupad Society Jaipur and Pune. Through these forums and his recordings, he facilitates the spread of this unique art form across the world.

He conducts workshops and interactive lecture demonstrations on Dhrupad in India and twice a year in Holland, Germany, France and Belgium. His students are spread around the world. Ustaad Sayeeduddin Dagar has groomed his sons into the 20th generation of Dagar Vani performers. 


Nafees-ud-din and Anees-ud-din Dagar

Nafeesuddin and Aneesuddin Dagar are the sons of renowned Dhrupad master Ustaad Sayeeduddin Dagar. They represent the 20th generation of the Dagar lineage and are worthy heirs of the Dhrupad tradition.

About Dhrupad

Dagarvani Dhrupad can be traced back to the Prabandh and even to the Sam Veda. All the other forms of Classical Indian music are derived from Dhrupad. It essentially means meditation or prayer through music.

The Singing Duo

Born in 1975 and1976 respectively, the duo began their tutelage under the guidance of their father and their uncles Ustad N. Zahiruddin Dagar & Ustad N. Faiyazuddin Dagar, known all over the world as Dagar Brothers. At present they are learning music under the guidance of their illustrious maternal uncle Ustad R. Fahimuddin Dagar as well as with their cousin Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar.

Keeping to tradition, the duo gave their first performance at their ancestral place in Jaipur. After the concert, they were proclaimed as todays “Dagar brothers”

Subsequently they have performed at several prestigious venues such as  Dhrupad Samroh, Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan, Kal ke Kalaakar, Dhrupad Mela and Swar Vilas.

One of the most memorable concerts was precided by  Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi where the brothers were presented with a pair of Tanpuras by the Maestro.

They have also toured Europe several times.

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